Sports Betting

Sports betting has been associated with different sporting events, and bettors try to make suitable returns from the same. The process tends to involve regulations and individuals try to cope up with the scr88 Malaysia odds through different strategies slot game online malaysia and methods. Since the activity is quite famous, one can always expect to bring out information about the same that are represented as facts. These points hint out different aspects of the game, thus making them all the more interesting. So to be more specific, here are some interesting facts about sports betting.

1. Football and Betting

Football and Betting

If you’ve wondered about the game that Americans bet on the most, then you need to know that the answer is football. Yes, that’s right. The sport has turned out to be one of the most popular bets in the country with around 36% made through NFL and college football. Due to that, football goes ahead of basketball that has about 30% of all bets, followed by baseball with 25% of all bets.


2. The Super Bowl


The Super Bowl can rightly be described as one of the most anticipated events of the year for a lot of reasons. Apart from the excitement and game slot online malaysia, the event is also famous for bringing all kinds of bettors together. In 2019 alone, Americans were expected to bet more than $6 billion on the game. These bets are also placed on the length of the National Anthem and the number of songs that might be played during the Super Bowl Halftime show.

3. Americans Have Gambled at least once in their Lives


Americans are known to enjoy the idea of sports betting, and that is quite evident from the turn of events. According to the latest information, it is known that Americans have gambled at least once in their life. This stands to be validated as around 85% of people have admitted to gambling at least once in their lifetime.


4. Bookmakers and the Month of September



The month of September is quite famous for Bookmakers since they have always won more money during this time. In fact, things have gone further to indicate that Bookmakers make the most out of football and never lose during this month. The main reason associated with this hints out at all the action that takes place during the month prior to September. Sports bettors save up money during months like July and August as they are dry months and then move on to spend more in September.




Being aware of facts related to sports betting will help you a lot as it drives your process of decision making. If you’ve been planning on entering the game, then these facts can guide you through the entire process.


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