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Content creators from time to time have brought about movies with themes revolving around gambling. Since the industry can be seen through different eyes, one has plenty of content to explore and create. As a result, some of these movies may go unnoticed, and people might not have heard of them. This tends to act as a roadblock towards appreciation as individuals go through different means to bring out a movie. So as a move to shed more light on the ones that are forgotten, here are some of the most underrated mmc996 gambling movies.


1. High Roller – The Stu Ungar Story (2003)


Adapting the story of Stu Ungar seems like an opportunity that is worth exploring. But in reality, when director A.W. Vidmer decided to do so, things didn’t go as planned. The movie did not pan out to be a success despite being a worthy contender as one of the classics to pick the genre of gambling. In terms of performances, you are greeted to characterization by Michael Imperioli, Michael Nouri. Steve Schirripa, and so on. Hence, if you haven’t watched this gem, then we suggest you change that aspect.


2. Poolhall Junkies (2002)

Poolhall Junkies


Numerous individuals felt that Poolhall Junkies wasn’t a great movie. To be honest, they were right, as the film is not some big Oscar nominee. But it is definitely better than the kind of backlash that it received at the box office. The twisted tale of billiards hustling has many great moments that captured betrayal, suspense and all other essential aspects of a blockbuster. As a result, the movie went on to gain a cult following that came years after it’s initial release.


3. Bookies (2003)


Bookies (2003)

Bookies was considered to be a realistic depiction of the process of sports betting, stakes and bookmaking. But those aspects did not save the movie from making a mark at the box office. It went on to be a disaster, and we believe that the film did not deserve the same. The flick does not roam around casinos and focuses on the subject with depth. With unique performances and other features, it is indeed worth a watch.


4. The Good Thief (2002)


A gambling heist movie might take your mind towards Ocean’s Eleven. Although there is nothing wrong about that move, you also need to think about The Good Thief. In terms of suspense, deception, high stakes and intrigue, the movie was apt in putting out what it wanted. Nolte’s performance was another aspect that drove the story in the right direction. So as an entire package, the movie did deserve more than what it gained. Hence, that sums up our list, and we hope you give it all a watch.


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